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QDownloader is a small website perhaps many of you will be unaware, it is a simple interface website specially designed and created for downloading online videos. Videos platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. contains tons of videos, you will sometimes need to download your favourite video, so QDownloader offers ads-free environment, easily accessible and absolutely free of cost service, easily download videos online without registering an account or installing any apps or softwares. The site has 18 different languages to surf in. There are many online video converter sites and apps available for both PC and mobile users but QDownloader outshines in every aspect supporting a wide range of videos platforms and websites. You can download videos quickly in HD qualities and many other resolutions, conversion to different formats without any limit restrictions, works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android,, etc. just to name a few. They do respect and protects user’s privacy, it’s secured to surf the website safely. QDownloader has came with ‘bookmarklet’ feature which let you download online videos from supported websites quickly and safely without visiting the official website for inputting the video’s URL and going through other steps. Browser extensions are available for Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Prior to installation of QDownloader extension, one extension ‘Tampermonkey’ must be installed. So, the extension works properly and flawlessly. This extension works perfectly in every browser, just open the bookmark and a small download button will appear below YouTube videos after successfully installing the extension. That’s it!

You might also be wondering how to download videos from QDownloader, well it is not a tougher way, all you have to do is to follow classical step, get your video’s URL like you do for other online video downloaders and simply follow the following steps:

1. Make sure you have the video’s URL.
2. Paste the video’s URL in the long white download bar.
3. Click on the “Download button” below the bar.
4. After doing so, a list of different resolutions and formats will be shown, choose your preferable option.
5. Click on the “Download” button right next to it, finally choose the “Save/Download” option to begin the download.

QDownloader Alternatives

1. GoMP3

GoMP3 is a famous online conversion platform for all types of videos from different sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This sophisticated converter is simple to use without registering your account or paying up for the service. It supports all video’s sites and easily convert to any format you wish.

This website supports a wide range of video formats like MP3, MP4, WEBM, MKV, etc. If you want best quality downloads, then it is possible only with this GoMP3 as it converts all range of videos qualities including 1080p, 4K, 8K, etc. Nevertheless, it also supports conversion and downloading of large video’s size

GoMP3 is easily accessible on all modern browsers and internet connected devices, people who don’t understand English language may change the website language from the bottom of the site.

2. Ytmp3

Ytmp3; YouTube to MP3 (Audio) and MP4 (Video) converter helps you to converts videos from the popular videos site like YouTube. Conversion is absolutely free which works on every internet connected device like desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. and doesn’t requires any registration, the service is fast but they have fixed a certain limit of converting videos length maximum upto 1 hour. This is to minimize load the website servers and efficiently convert videos quickly. Users can switch the website’s theme to light and dark mode.

3. Peggo

Peggo.net is a free online YouTube and Soundcloud videos converter to MP3 and MP4 formats only, it does not supports any other formats other than MP3 or MP4. The website is simple and easy to use except the bad side of it is that it does contain useless and bad advertisements. This online converter is an alternative to Qdownloader, however it cannot surpass Qdownloader features, simplicity, and performance.

In Peggo.net homepage, you will see a long white box usually for inputting the videos URL into it. You can also directly search the video through video’s or music’s name, singer, artist etc. Upon searching, the website displays some of the most relevant videos, choose and select your favourite video to be downloaded shortly, before getting video downloaded, you can also change video’s name of artist and title of the album before saving it. Peggo.net is also available for Andorid, download the Peggo.net app from Google Play Store now named ‘Y2 Mate – Music Downloader’


Q1. Why conversion of videos doesn’t works?

Videos may not be converted using online converter, this frequent bug can be solved by clearing your browser cache, cookies, and perhaps history if the bug persists thereafter. Other thing, you also need to do is to turn off AdBlock which blocks you to use online free service because every online site displays advertisements, try checking your internet connection, you may be connected to the internet but internet service won’t be working. If none of the above tips proved helpful, you can directly contact the website helpline.

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