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Project Americas is the new upcoming video game in the development stage by Rockstar Games. The game has been matched and associated with the giant series of GTA, mainly GTA 6 that has been a great success and demanding to Rockstar games. Rockstar hasn’t officially announced any details about Project Americas or GTA 6 but there is a lot of demand and eagerness for the next GTA game which has made people talk about and raise the voice. This created rumors and different word of mouth by different people.

All speculation about the game

Till the date, the most concrete bit of evidence comes from Kotaku’s report with follow up of investigations into Rockstar games work culture. This report claims that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in the development stage as of April 2020 with code name Project Americas. Additionally, this suggest that Rockstar’s plan for this game is to release initially smaller game and then, later on, expand it through regular updates. From this, it can be further understood that GTA 6 will have more features, integrating options, and more maps or it could be anything. There is a bigger expectation as of now.

The game will take place in different countries namely in Brazil’s fictional city Rio de Janeiro and Vice city of the US.

All the detail till the date about Project Americas

You can find all the details till the date of what’s on the internet till the date. Also you can check Download Grand Theft Auto 6 | GTA 6 for more details.

  • It’s another Rockstar’s Worldwide Production.
  • The name of game goes in Codename which is “PROJECT AMERICAS”.
  • The game is Set in Rio de Janeiroand and Vice City.
  • The game will adjust arcade and authenticity yet won’t be practical Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • One playable hero: male, not female, in spite of assumed breaks.
  • Set in 1970s-1980s.
  • There will likewise be a monster jail which will have an influence in the game.
  • Will include a ‘part’ framework like a Tarantino flick or Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Climate is an overwhelming center (typhoons, floods, and so forth).
  • Structures change over the times, vehicles as well. So more established, uncommon great vehicles get more costly as time advances and so forth. Full economy.
  • Intensely motivated by Netflix’s Narcos.
  • They need to have a mind blowing 70s/80s soundtrack.
  • A more youthful Martin Madrazo will show up as will his dad who is a major medication master at that point. You do a few missions for the Madrazo family including hits on different packs.
  • Medication domain building is a specialist like Vice City Stories however greater. Think the GTA Online framework and dial it up to 10.
  • You can just have weapons with the rest of your personal effects. No armory in your back pocket, similar to Red Dead Redemption 2.
  • Your own vehicle will resemble your pony saddle in Red Dead Redemption 2. All your gear is put away in the storage compartment. You additionally store your body protective layer in the vehicle. In the event that you wear it, it shows up, not, at this point only an imperceptible thing.
  • There will be huge amounts of caption perusing. Think Max Payne 3 sums, vivid, such as viewing a scene of Narcos. At whatever point you’re in South America, don’t hope to hear a lot of English. Bad habit City anyway is a blend of everything, except for the most part English.
  • Last piece of account information, it will examine themes, for example, HIV and the movement emergency of the time. An anecdotal variant of Fidel Castro and so forth.
  • Cutting edge just, not PS4 or X-box One [aka PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett].
  • GTA 6 is currently their essential center, close by another title (which may be Bully 2).
  • Game is still in Pre-Alpha so names, areas, subtleties could and likely will change.
  • No ETA on a delivery date.

And here’s the leaks from Fireden, edited for clarity too:

  • The game is set in advanced Liberty City.
  • The start of the game is suggestive of The Wire.
  • Cops are attempting to get serious about a group/tranquilize ring based around a dance club.
  • There are four fundamental characters, two police and two pack individuals.
  • The plot at that point curves and goes to upstate New York, where it turns out to be more wrongdoing noir, think Ozark and Breaking Bad.
  • It will have double the measure of discourse as GTA 5 and an extremely insane unexpected development.
  • The fundamental storyline parts sooner or later, the criminal side has kind of a sandbox assemble a-wrongdoing realm thing (Fallout 4 meets the Sims), while the police side is to a greater degree a customary activity game with a little spot of LA Noire.
  • Most punctual delivery year is 2021, yet I would figure later, 2022 or 2023.

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