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LUV is an incredible addictive online kissing and dating Android simulator. The app has come with simple intuitive theme, decently designed, fancy features. Haven’t got your girlfriend or boyfriend till now. Well, a new cool app; LUV, might end your long pending issue. The main purpose of LUV is loving and creating friendship with tons of people across the globe. LUV has got many best features basically designed for youngsters who wants to chat and flirt with thousands of strangers. Searching for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Then you have arrived at the right place. Looking for a beautiful woman? Here in LUV, you can seduce beautiful virtual girls either texting or sending them precious gifts. Most women can be easily convinced by your colossal account stats, actively playing, and engaging with your friends. These gifts can be bought with Gold coins which is the virtual currency of LUV. Completing several game tasks and daily logging into LUV will help you earn great amount of Gold coins. Daily spins can also earn you random rewards like Gold coins, Boost-ups, spins, etc.

Experience the true romantic atmosphere and perhaps endless pleasure, all you have to do is chat, hang out on a date with your best friends right after playing LUV only for a week, it is a simple app with bugs and advertisements free atmosphere. LUV isn’t relatively popular as other dating apps such as Tinder and Hinge due to lack of modern and fancy features, its simplicity will of-course make you play LUV more. Obviously, the best part of LUV is it has no time-limit or strangers restrictions for finding your new love. For the modern generation is a best opportunity to play LUV, find your everlasting partner and build your trusted relationships.

LUV hosts both male and female in a single room. People can easily figure out opposite sex persons and build up their relationships easily. That’s is how you engage with your partners. The best thing about LUV is its accurate status of the person you are chatting with whether the person is online or offline, it clearly shows this status. If the person keeps on annoying you repeatedly, there is a block feature available too.

LUV is an amazing app with unlimited private messaging to strangers, earn coins, and donate gifts and stickers to your beloved ones. Users can register their account in LUV through Facebook and Gmail. During registration, you are asked to give your name, password, age, city, etc., if you want private details like age and city to be kept hidden from others, select the ‘Hide’ option.

There are numerous rooms available which can be joined randomly after 30 seconds. The room contains 12 players, they might be offline too. A bottle spins and makes several rounds and stops randomly at one player, this selected player then chooses either kissing the opponent or not during the 7 seconds interval. You can also increase your kissing chances by using one boost-up or Gold coins.

Room members can chat with each other, they can also enable their microphone and voice chat too. Friends can also be saved by adding them to your contacts list for later use. However you can also join your friends room and engage privately.

Clubs are clan-like groups consisting up to a maximum of 20 members, anyone can create a club and invite their friends to the club. Album displays several tasks and sets. Different tasks should be completed to obtain different stickers from a single set with rewards like Gold Coins, Stars, and League points. Having Kiss Pass helps you earn extra rewards, sticker sets can be exchanged for unique prizes, it also helps you to receive best rewards and dozens of other awesome gifts with Kiss Pass access.

League is a competition between players, there are eighteen leagues in total, each league represents your position depending upon your account stats. You must earn love points to increase your league rankings. After a specific period, you may receive rewards and other bonuses after securing top positions. The Paper to Gold League lasts one day while Amethyst and higher Leagues lasts three days.

You will receive League points for sent and received kisses and gifts as well as for music set at the table. Only points earned at private tables are not counted. There is a limit on the number of points received for kisses, and this limit depends on the level of League. The limit is removed once the League is completed.

During the Clan’s League, members of a clan that takes either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place will receive prizes like Gold Coins and other valuable bonuses. The higher the place, the more valuable the prize for the clan members.

Players with Diamond membership often wins the Leagues, they get 1700 League points everyday they login and each victory in the League will give you 5000 Gold coins. You may also get access to useful services like viewing guests, double the points for kisses, and marvellous VIP gifts.


• Free Kissing and Dating app
• Text unlimited strangers inbox


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