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ListentoYoutube is an online application for converting YouTube videos to both MP3 and MP4 formats. Besides, the video conversion doesn’t takes much time making it alike to other popular online converters. The site is made simple and plain for its easy utilization, and lastly the best service to come across. The service is not affiliated with YouTube which is a Google service. It was created for the sole purpose of online conversion of YouTube videos to familiar MP3 and MP4 formats only.

Users can surf the site safely and securely with no malice or intent to download third party softwares. The user’s privacy is committed to be protected by the site. Using the online service means you are abiding to the site’s ‘Legal Terms’. If, in case a user doesn’t understands or have any queries, read the site’s FAQ’ and if unlisted, contact the site’s administration. The service is fast, simple to use, and requires no sign-up on the website. Users can quickly convert and download any amount of videos, there are no restrictions placed to it.

For downloading YouTube MP3 formats, copy the video’s URL and paste in the long white bar. However, videos can also be searched directly from YouTube by typing the video’s name into the same bar. Now, either click on the ‘GO’ button or the video’s title to select your preferred video. Thereafter, click on the ‘Download button’ and you are done. You will get your downloaded file saved right in your device directory. This will start processing your video, after few seconds, you will have your converted audio or video downloaded successfully.

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