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by Snir Mac
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People with uploading knack need to look for some of the best online sites where they can easily upload their files for sharing with others or saving them for future purpose. Well, a simple and easy way is to reach out to some cool online sites. Although, the uploaded files will last for a short period of time and eventually vanishes on its own, for permanent storage, you need to purchase either storage or premium membership. Gofile is a free and anonymous sharing platform specially devised for uploading and downloading files on the go.

Gofile is an incredibly awesome and rare online platform which allows users access to some of the premium features, the primary feature of this site is to upload and download any type of files. A vibrant and intuitive theme, simple features, and access the sharing service at anytime and anywhere. This online site was born from the day that such services were paid or contained lot of advertisements, it was ultimately difficult to find a free and secure platform.

Gofile is run through community donations, so don’t forget to patron with stinting donations. Despite other popular marvellous sites, the site doesn’t places any relative restrictions which is why our team is touting about this amazing site. Sharing bandwidth is unlimited which is contrary to other famous sites, uploading large size files is possible only here, fast and secure, and committed to protect user’s privacy.

Registration is simple and users don’t need to place hard passwords or memorise them. Sign up with an e-mail and login to your Gofile’s account using the mail link you have received. After having one account, your every uploaded information will be automatically saved i.e detailed history. Uploaded files will expire depending upon its popularity. However, if you don’t want your uploaded files be razed, all you have to do is become a donor. Then, your files will never be deleted and saved permanently in the website’s storage.

Profile settings views basic details about how many uploads and space has been utilized in the website’s storage. Your secret token is what identifies your Gofile account, never share this token with anyone, if you feel it has been compromised, immediately re-generate a new token. This will just login another account via email link with no data losses.

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