China builds massive $9 billion “Beidou” GPS System to rival U.S.

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China has expedited up its efforts taking its rivalry with its counterpart U.S. to new heights after China has announced it has been planning to build new GPS System nicknamed “Beidou” which could boost China’s national security & geopolitical clout. It was commissioned by the Chinese President Xi Jinping at the official ceremony at Great Hall of People on Friday in Beijing.

China space clout has increased rapidly over the past two decades devoting all major resources on the development of independent high space & technology projects such as the BeiDou GPS & 5G fields. The location data signals received from the GPS systems are used by smartphones, vehicles, micro-chips & even more essentially guided missiles.

During the recent years, China has emerged as a victorious global nuclear state by fostering its national citizens & prioritizing domestical firms. Beidou is another ambitious plan by China to displace Western countries dominance in aeronautical engineering & space. State owned firms are planning to create natural planes to replace commerical aircrafts from AirBus & Boeing, on the other hand domestical startups are boosting their dominance to challange the global commerical business of Elon Musk’s SpaceX & Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin.

These satellites have been controlled by the U.S. Air Force since too long ago which China doesn’t seems to be comfortable with. “They don’t want to depend on the US’s GPS System.’’ said Marshall Kaplan who is a professor in the aerospace engineering department at the University of Maryland.

The China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC), announced after an hour of the satellite liftoff that it has successfully launched the satellite into space. This was also the first official confirmation of the launch attempt the closure of airspace & other imminent activities a few days earlier.

The satellite uses array antenna to provide navigational services. Monday’s launch is the penultimate step in China completing its global positioning BeiDou system.

GPS Navigation System Beidou model representation in China.

The BeiDou GPS System has entered development shape since 1990s when China’s Military had sought to reduce reliance on its counterpart U.S. It consists of two satellite constellations.

During the early period, Beidou-1 System consisted of three satellites which began in 2000 offered far limited navigational services & coverage.

The second BeiDou-2 System became operational in December 2011 in China with 10 satellites in the partial filled constellation. Since then, it has been offering services in the Asia-Pacific region.

The third BeiDou-3 System also became operational in 30 March 2015. The final 35th satellite of BDS-3 was launched into orbit by China on 23 June 2020.

Later after 15 years since its inauguration, it was generating a turnover of $31.5 billion annually for major domestical firms (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation).

Its usage & coverage were far limited when it has launched the first Beidou-1 satellite. It was also declared that the launching of the 55th & final geostationary satellite launched on June 23 was operating after successfully iteration.

It is part of the Beidou’s System third iteration round named as BDS-3 which started to facilitate navigational services in 2018 to countries participating in the sprawling mega infrastructure project “Belt and Road”.

It provides high degree of accuracy, short messaging communication upto 120 Chinese characters with images. It also aids international rescue & search missions. Ships will be able to seek emergency help from nearby ships via BeiDou System without cellphone signal. The 55 satellites of the BeiDou Navigation System will emulate every aspect of the global navigational systems like U.S. GPS, Russia’s GLONASS System, the European Galileo GPS.

Earlier on 23 July 2020, China had successfully launched rover nicknamed “Tianwen-1″to Mars from the Wenchang spaceport on Hainan Island which describes China mega ambitious programmes for the future.

China’s BeiDou had also joined hands with U.S. GPS & Russia’s GLONASS in providing global navigational services from the combined system meaning better services & more accuracy for the users.

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