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An amazing online tool which can quickly convert your favourite video. The videos can be chosen from any site or social media platforms. One limitation of Bitdownloader is it won’t support conversion and downloading of YouTube videos which obviously is a worst part of it. However, if you still need to convert and download YouTube videos. Well, they have got a way for it but it is only restricted to Desktop, Laptop and Mac users.

A browser extension is available to directly download your videos without visiting the website. First of all, you need to have TamperMonkey extension installed. Then, install the Bitdownloader extension to your browser. Whenever, you are watching YouTube, the download button ‘Download Video’ will be displayed. Click on the download button to download and save the video.

This mini-website is perfectly created for anyone who needs conversion of online videos, simply designed similar to QDownloader. The website doesn’t boasts any useless advertisements, safe and secure, Bitdownloader comes among one of the best alternative to Qdownloader. Feel free to download without any hesitations, you can also contact the website managing team in response to bugs or other issues.

Bitdownloader is here for you, ensure that you have copied the right link of the video or music you need it to download. Open any search engine like Google, search ‘Bitdownloader’ and click on the very first page, the conversion site will be displayed. Proceed normally as pasting your favourite video’s link into the long white box and you are done. After few seconds, you will get your video downloaded and saved into your phone, that’s it.

You shouldn’t be concerned since this long time, why worry when Bitdownloader makes online videos save right in your phone without having to go through many steps or search the web for silly methods to download online videos. There are also many apps available for both Android and iOS but online conversion tool is yet the fastest way to get your peanut and enjoy the best out of it.

Bookmarklet views all available videos which can be downloaded only from supported sites safely with ease without having to go to the official Bitdownloader website. This bookmarklet is compatible in Desktop Computers, Laptops, and Macs.

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