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The best live streaming app and one of the most popular and fastest growing social media platform is BIGO LIVE which was released in 2016. It’s co-founders are David Li and Jason Hu. BIGO Technology is registered and based in Singapore but owned by Nasdaq; a Chinese company.

BIGO Live is a successful app built to encourages live broadcasters to interact and meet random strangers through live chat or inbox. BIGO users can post images and videos similar to Instagram and Tiktok. Conversely, they can also go live, where you live broadcasters can get handful rewards such as beans. After, completing a specific period missions, you can earn hundreds of dollars in revenue especially who has got a colossal base. While, many of you don’t wants to expose yourself through live, there exists a best opportunity for youths to become famous using BIGO LIVE. Well, BIGO LIVE might not be safe for students and childrens as there is an open way to meet millions of strangers but there exists a certain limit of meeting strangers. Beginners who authenticate themselves will enjoy many privileges like getting an exclusive authentication badge and priority in-app message.

BIGO LIVE Features

Five categories namely Nearby, Popular, Multi-guest, Games, and PK are available at the top of your mobile screen. BIGO users can watch and even message nearby, popular, online, and hot users, whichever category you are interested in, you can directly choose that category, continue meeting and interaction with your new friends. Along with these movable categories, there exist a search button, here you can specifically search for BIGO users either by inputting their BIGO classical or modified ID. You can also discover your friends from your contacts or Facebook.

Wanna explore BIGO, there is a special button for users to explore situated at the bottom of your mobile screen. Different lives sorted according to different hashtags like #chat #music #star #dance #guest_live #dj etc. and hot lives are also visible on the front. You can also follow famous BIGO users right after clicking the third bottom button.

How to play BIGO LIVE?

BIGO users can engage in PK single and multi-user competitons, the winner will get best rewards, you can watch hosts live for many minutes, interact and live chat with friends. The best thing you need to do is to engage in PK live competitions by joining families especially for beginners while good users can simply start PK by matching with people or inviting their friends to the match, PK competitions are a key to success in BIGO, the two candidates gets support via live viewers who can chat, shout and support any one of their favourite candidate by donating diamonds and beans based gifts, the PK single round competition usually lasts 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes, during this interval, the two candidates talks, plays music, and flirts with each other, while ‘Best of Three PK’ lasts 3 or 5 minutes, they can also play the next PK round again. The winner with large support from live viewers leads the candidate to overpower another candidate by donating popular gifts like Treasures, King’s Glory, Blastoff, Mace, Family Shield, King of Legened, etc., donating such huge gifts will increase the PK’s candidate score as well as also increase the candidate’s beans inventory, and finally wins the round after completion of the round time-span, this is how users earn with BIGO, the higher the score of the candidate, wins the round, several rounds can also be played successively after winning or losing the round. Usually rich users who have plenty of Diamonds and Beans does this job; supporting candidates. Consequently the winner wins the round sometimes with handful of rewards like Beans and Diamonds.

BIGO LIVE users can choose different lives such as Multi-guest, Single, Audio, and Game Live. For new users, you can continue your journey by simply going live and start matching some people randomly, then you can start PK competition with your opponent but make sure, beginners won’t enjoy the fruitful benefits of BIGO LIVE, for instance, their level is too low and you have less fans. You need to stick to the app and make the most out of it by going live everyday and meeting your fans, your account will grow gradually and have your beloved fans who will surely support you in PK competitions.

BIGO Diamonds, Beans, and Coins

Beans; a virtual BIGO currency used for redeeming cash; 210 beans equals $1 dollar. Frozen diamonds can be unlocked by completing certain tasks like watching live for 60s, following one broadcaster in the live room, and finally you need to purchase some diamonds in order to unlock your 30 free frozen diamonds, this only lasts for a specific period of time and it vanishes thereafter.

Your BIGO wallet contains Diamonds, Beans, and Coins, you must earn those to fill your wallet. Purchasing VIP will get users to access premium services. Google Wallet helps you to purchase Diamonds after selecting suitable package. Beans can be earned and received from people, these Beans could be used to exchange to Diamonds, purchase in BIGO store. With Beans, you can buy amazing BIGO stuffs such as Werewolf, Carriage, Pink Angel, etc.

Coins is used for buying cheap stuffs for BIGO LIVE. Also, a lucky draw can be spinned for as low as 100 coins per spin. Upon clicking on ‘Select Others’ button, a new spin type will arrive which costs you 500 coins per spin. The last type spin costing 1000 coins per spin. All these three different types of spin has different lucky draw items.

Earn real money using BIGO LIVE

To earn real money using BIGO LIVE, the major thing you need to accomplish is to earn and have Beans, for this you need play BIGO LIVE and reach a massive account, therefore you should read the entire thread before reading this. Participate in numerous PK Live competitions, build up a colossal profile and increase your profile level for atleast more than 18, the higher your level is, the cooler medal and pendant you get; making you a champion. Attain huge support from your fans, your fans will ultimately send you large quantity of Diamonds and Beans. Go live, talk and interact with your fans, before ending a live, make sure you ask your fans which time you will air the next day.

Every new BIGO user usually wonders how to level up. Well, it isn’t hard, stick with the app and pour your fondness into it. Obviously, beginners need to follow these small simple steps.

Log in everyday and gain upto 25 exp. per day.

Watch live and gain upto 30 exp. per day.

Share live room and gain upto 30 exp. per day.

Send gifts like sending one Diamond and gain upto 5 exp.

Receive gifts like beans from people and gain  upto 3 exp.

Accelerate through purchasing VIP and get access to premium features.

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