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Article quality depends on what you write in it and how you write. Its all about what type of words you use and how good is the article comprised of unique words. The article shall always be written in such a way that the reader finds it easy, understandable, and simple to read. Good readable articles give better SEO score as the user spends more time on a page that counts better in SEO.

Article quality can be defined by its success that derives traffic, Search engines ranking, engagement, leads or conversions. All it matters is what you get out of your content. It’s not how much money you spend, how good you designed it, or how much time you spend.

Your Audience is the final and ultimate judge of your Article or content quality. It’s not you, not the social media networks or nor the search engines.

How to check quality of any article or content?

To check or analyze the quality of any content. A good quality content or article is defined by the following attributes. Always remember this points when writing anything that may help you in producing a good content.

  • Readable: The article is easy to read without any sentence, verbs or grammar mistakes.
  • Understandable: The article is written in good format and is easy to understand.
  • Sensible: The article or content makes sense.
  • Shareable: When one finds something better or likes it, he/she share it with others.
  • Memorable: The article is simple and easily memorable.
  • Usable: An article is needful, handy and can be used by others. If you find something handy, one feels to use it. So if you produce an article in this way. The article might fall handy for someone. Who might further use it.
  • Findable: A content is easily found and findable.
  • Quotable: Many internet users when finds something handy and good they quote in their writings.
  • Actionable: A good content has actions, leads and conversions.
  • Reportable: On the internet a good things just get shared and reported all over.

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Tools that checks and helps you in writing on the GO…

For internet marketers. There is a range of numerous tools and applications available these days to make good writing that helps you in writing with grammar check, sentence check, and readability check. You might be thinking that how some of the authors or writers write lengthy content easily with no mistakes. The reason behind this is they use tools that help and assist them in writing.

If you know a little bit of good normal English and have minor vocabulary. You can be a professional writer. None sees how advanced or difficult words you use. All it matters is how easy you make it for your audience.

Initially, with writing, everyone struggles thinking about how it would sound for the other side of perception. But when you start with it and do it, eradicating the fear of how others will think then you can do it. This way you will start on the way and on the way you will find many things that will teach you many things.

Check Out Grammarly, your on the GO writing assistance.

Grammarly was founded in 2009 by Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider with the goal to help people in communicating more effectively, support students in writing with grammar and spelling. With time pass by Grammarly has become a day to day helping hand for internet marketers, writers, authors and many more, it’s for everyone who writes.

Take a look at Grammarly your Digital writing Assistance. It doesn’t matter whether your work is online or offline. You can install Grammarly on any platform, OS or device.

Below are listed devices and OS, Grammarly is compatible with.

  • Grammarly for Desktop apps: Whether you use any app. You can install Gramamrly and set it for that app.
  • Grammarly for MS office: It’s compatible and can be used with all Microsoft Office apps.
  • Grammarly for Browser: Its available and compatible with all browser that includes Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari

How Grammarly helps you in writing?

Take a look at the above picture. Grammarly uses its sophisticated and complex algorithm that detects and identifies any grammar, sentence, or verb mistakes while you are writing and alongside helps you by suggesting clarity, readability, or tone of your writing style. You can do much more with your writing by selecting wide features that are provided by Grammarly to differentiate your writing and make it great.

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