Best 5 Games like GTA Vice City for Android

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Ever since GTA Vice City release, it has driven the world crazy ultimately seizing the world’s entertainment and probably everyone has gone mad playing GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas endlessly, this game has reached perhaps every household. GTA Franchise has witnessed huge climbs in the gaming industry in the recent years due to the introduction of fancy games. GTA Vice City is a wonderful single-player as well as multi-player game, this nostalgic game is more fun to play in desktop computers (PC’s) or laptops and it is absolutely free to download and install but is not the case true for android users which certainly means you need to purchase the game from Google Play Store to get it installed on your smartphone. Later after several years, an entirely two new large games with a relatively better graphics and features was released named ‘GTA San Andreas and GTA 5’ which probably was a turning point in the history of GTA.

Conversely, ‘GTA 6 (Project Americas)’, a marvellous PC game with astounding graphics gonna make its arrival to the public perhaps its release around 2022-23. There are many games available nowadays for you to blast up to make your dreams come true. Similar games have been created like GTA Vice City, five of them you can check below.

1. Grand Miami Gangster Crime City

Grand Miami Gangster action simulator is build on Miami city was released in 2020. This open world game offers a lot of challenges such as completing missions, building up your stats, engaging in criminal activities, stealing vehicles, fighting and chasing police officers with great thrill disrupting the city’s harmony and initiating violence. Explore every inch of the city just like in your favourite movies. Living in the Miami city, you need to jump up into the legendary level, possessing grenades, rocket launchers, firearms, machine guns, etc. to improve your skills and deliberately offence every citizen of the Miami city. You can visit different markets, go off-roading, drive cars and bikes, fly helicopters. If you love to be a gangster, indulge in mafias to build stronger gangster group to seize the Miami city government and spread the terror in the city. Well, after successfully gripping your power, different gangster mafias will compete with you, you must not act like a coward but aggressively confront them. Grand Miami City is an adventurous game with similar features of GTA Vice City and is free to be installed on android.

2. Madout 2 Bigcity online

Sandbox based Madout 2 open-world game is probably another best alternative to GTA Vice City released in 2017. You can play the game in offline mode by completing minor missions and eventually improving your position, know tips and tricks, strengthen your grip by completing large missions. You can also play with your friends upto 100 players on map in a single server. Madout 2 has best features, graphics, characters, 30+ different vehicles, dozen different weapons, a bad guy can easily disrupt the large city’s peace, engaging in criminal activities, attacking pedestrians with AK47, shotguns, rifles, handguns, etc. Game buttons may seem complicated since only few buttons change when on foot or in a vehicle. Amazingly, the game is also compatible with keyboard from your mobile giving you desktop experience. Madout 2 is an outstanding game with desirable features and is free to be installed from Google Play Store.

3. Gangster New Orleans Openworld

This awesome game was officially released in 2017 developed and published by Gameloft. Gangster New Orleans is one of the best alternative because playing the game almost feels similar to GTA Vice City, its fascinating city ‘New Orleans’ allows you to be a criminal unlike GTA Vice City where you get busted all the time, you can build your own empire ruling the giant city makes you feel like a real gangster with corrupted police departments and a lot more to explore the vast city with hundreds of vehicles and weapons, chase and fight with police officers wreaking havoc in the city creating chaos, and eventually conquering the entire New Orleans.

4. Gangster Vegas

This insane game was developed and published by leading company Gameloft on 2013 it is available in Google Play store and installation on phone is free. Gangster Vegas is a successor of Gangster New Orleans, it is an open world action based game available in both singleplayer and multiplayer mode, it consists of many missions to complete. The massive city of Las Vegas also known by its acronym ‘V’ and the ‘City of Sin’ where you find cruelty and leading gangster mafias everywhere. Your goal as to become a wicked evil and destroy vehicles and buildings, blast your firearms on the pedestrians and police officers. Steal any vehicle you wanna drive, rob people, drive armoured tanks, fly attack helicopters, carry out barbaric attacks in the Las Vegas city, block roads and wage wars against the innocent Las Vegas citizens, you will also witness many zombie attacks. There are also high standards casino in the city where you can gamble and play making thousand of dollars. For adults, a modern and classical style dancing club located in the Red Light district. In the city, you can opt for racing missions with a nice sport car, wandering in the city helps you discover secret collectibles.

5. LA Stories 4

LA Stories 4 was released for android in 2017 which is free to install available for both singleplayer and multiplayer users, it is a sandbox and action based game with huge city where large gangs and petty criminals are dominant everywhere where calm life is not loved. It is an open world game with map and icons to navigate easily. From your small house, you should attempt to complete mini-missions, initiating shooting, stealing and robbing innocent citizens and attacking public properties, evading police. There is no time limit in game, you can roam endlessly around the city’s markets, mountains and beaches, to conquer the giant city, the only option is to become a hardcore criminal offsetting gangs and government superiority. In LA Stories 4, you have complete freedom of action, a vast sea to explore, huge fleet of cars, ships, motorcycles, helicopters, etc. which a legendary criminal would need, the peaceful city is always stricken with territorial attacks creating a state of tumult and chaos in every corner of the city. The game has good graphics, it contains advertisements and additional offline games to play, you also have numerous weapons to change, and multiple buttons to navigate just like GTA Vice City.

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